Spiritual Resurrection of Jesus?

Does Jesus still have a physical body after his resurrection?

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When we think about Jesus right now, a lot of people think that Jesus is a spirit floating out somewhere in the cosmos. Actually, Jesus has a physical resurrected body. How do we know that he's got a physical resurrected body? Think of some examples in the New Testament. First of all, after Jesus was resurrected, Mary comes to him, and Mary is holding on to Jesus. You can't hold on to a spirit. Jesus says, "Stop clinging to me." Again, you can't cling to a spirit. There was a physical resurrected body that Mary was clinging to. What about doubting Thomas? Jesus pointed to himself and he talks about the scars that he had for Thomas to see and to touch. Again, a spirit doesn't have a physical body. We even read in Luke's gospel where Jesus ate fish. A spirit doesn't eat fish. So clearly Jesus, right here, right now, has a resurrected body that we can physically see, we can touch, we can even see the imprints and the scars on his hands right now. God is a spirit, but Jesus has a real physical resurrected body even now.

Answer by Rev. George Shamblin

Rev. George Shamblin is a professor at Birmingham Theological Seminary.