The Guarantee of our Resurrection

What is the relationship between Jesus' resurrection and the resurrection of believers?

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One of the early heresies in the Corinthian church was that they believed in a resurrection of Jesus and didn't believe in the bodily resurrection of believers. And Paul was completely scandalized. And there were many problems, as you know, in the Corinthians church, but he sort of ends with this one, which is a major doctrinal issue. And he basically says to them, how can you say there's no bodily resurrection for the believer when Jesus Christ himself has been raised? And then he says Jesus Christ has been raised, and he's the first fruit of many resurrections. So, we are organically connected to Jesus Christ, we're in union with him, so whatever happens to him happens to us. So, he dies, we die; he's raised to everlasting life, we're raised; he's exalted, we'll be exalted. So everything that happens to him, we're in him. So Paul them of course concludes with this great taunt, you know, where is your victory, death? Where is your sting? You kind of want to say, Paul, I think I'd chill out a little bit. You know, death is pretty powerful. But he's taunting death. And then of course he say in light of this, be immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord. So, we have every reason to be triumphant, victorious, bold, confident and humble, because our resurrection is guaranteed by his.

Answer by Dr. Sanders L. Willson

Rev. Sanders L. Willson served as Senior Minister at Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, TN, until retiring in 2017. He has also served on the boards of The Gospel Coalition, Union University and Reformed Theological Seminary.