How did the Fall affect the created world?

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What we see happening in Genesis 3 is that when Adam and Eve fall into sin, God curses the creation, and so every square inch of the entire universe has been affected by that curse. That means that the natural world has been affected by the curse. That means we have things like poverty and we have famines and we have floods. It also means that human beings have been dramatically affected in all of our relationships. So, for example, Adam is told that as he tries to work, thorns will infest the ground making his work hard and difficult. Eve is told that there will be pains with childbearing. All of human life is affected, and that means that the systems that human beings create, the cultures that we create are distorted as well. So things like our economic systems are broken � there's poverty. Things like our social systems are broken � we have ethnic strife and tribalism. Our political systems are broken � we have injustices. The natural world is broken, our cultures are broken, and we ourselves are broken. The Fall has affected everything.

Answer by Dr. Brian T. Fikkert

Dr. Brian T. Fikkert is Professor of Economics & Community Development and President of The Chalmers Center at Covenant College.