What Was Eden Like?

What was the initial state of creation like?

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I've always wanted to know what it would be like to have been there when God had just created the world, to be Adam. It must have been amazing because the Bible tells us God looked and it was good. Everything was good. When he created the sun and the moon, the stars, when he created the animals, he looked and it was good. When he created Adam and then Eve to be with Adam, it was good. And I can imagine a little of what that must have been like, because the Bible talks of Adam and Eve being able to walk and talk in the garden with the Lord God. We can imagine a little bit of that, but we really can't get our heads around the beauty of all of that. To imagine a creation where everything is good, where when I sow something in the ground it actually grows and it has the right amount of sunshine and the right amount of water, rather than getting washed out in a flood or getting dried up in a desert or whatever. I can only dream of what that must be like. It is a place, though, that sets a picture for what is to come in the new earth. In many ways, actually, the description of the new earth is of something better even than Eden because now Jesus will be there, now we will know grace, we will know God's infinite mercy and his love, and we will know what he saved us from. But it will still be this restored, beautiful place where I think, from the biblical evidence we have, which is limited, everything will just work perfectly, where we will, above all, be able to bring glory to God as we were created to do.

Answer by Dr. Paul Gardner

Dr. Paul Gardner is Senior Pastor of ChristChurch Presbyterian in Atlanta, GA.