What does it mean to say that God is eternal?

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That God is eternal is describing who God is in relation to our common understandings of time, that he is not bound by our understanding of time. So, right in the nature of who God is is the description "I am." So, God is not "I was" or "I will be", but he is he is "I am." And so, before the creation of the world for eternity, God does not have a beginning, he does not have an end. He is above and beyond and through, or that time is not something that binds him. And so God is eternal. He is Yahweh, I Am. He doesn't begin, he doesn't end. He is from eternity past, eternity future, above and beyond this concept of time, which is one that binds all of our realities, but does not bind God in his own person and nature as the eternal God.

Answer by Dr. Josh Moody

Dr. Josh Moody is pastor of College Church in Wheaton, IL