D-Day From a Biblical Perspective?


Do you have anything regarding looking at D-Day from a biblical perspective?


Our website essentially handles biblical theological issues, not issues regarding certain wars that the U.S. may have been involved in. The Bible though mentions many wars, battles, etc. So, your question is related somewhat to what we do here. Indeed, part of the reason our site can even exist is because it was bought and paid for by the blood of many that fought and died in protecting The Constitution of the United States.

A good friend of mine, Rev. John McWilliams wrote a great poem regarding D-Day that I think is an appropriate response to your question.

Kind Regards,
Dr. Joseph R. Nally, IIIM

That Beach

If you go there today, the beach is so calm.
The houses are pretty, kids walk with their Mom.
Yet back on that Day, at the first light of sun,
Thousands had come, with a job to get done.

Leaving their families, their homes and their wives,
They went there and willingly offered their lives.
They'd come to fight evil, corruption and sin,
A fight like no others had ever been in.

The bullets were flying, bombs bursting in air.
Yet they ran toward the guns and all that was there.
Most were like boys, about to be men.
Yet ask them today and they'd do it again.

They didn't have trees or mountains for cover.
Yet they did have their faith, in God and each other.
They went to that beach, to set people free.
They went to that beach for you and for me.

As they crawled on their bellies and did what they could,
They stood against evil, and triumphed for good.
It wasn't a picnic. It wasn't for fun.
They all worked together. They got the job done.

It's important we pause as a nation to see,
What they did on that beach kept us safe, kept us free.
All we now have, our freedoms and joys,
Were paid for and purchased by those brave young boys.

So, next time you go to the beach for a day,
Take time to consider, be thankful and pray.
We sometimes forget. We sometimes don't see.
It's the brave who have made us, the land of the free.

As you go to your beach and have fun by the sea,
Its just what those soldiers would like it to be.
Yet always be grateful, be willing to see,
That they went to that beach, for you and for me.

Answer by John McWilliams

Pastor John McWilliams is a graduate of Rowan University with a degree in teaching and Princeton Seminary where he earned an M. Div. with a concentration in preaching. Pastor John pastored two congregations in New Hampshire and on Long Island for a total of 21 years.