What are the main ways we can come to know God?

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The question of coming to know God is not just so much something that's happening from inside of us toward God. God reveals himself to us. So, first of all, we can't come to know God unless he reveals himself to us, and he does so in a number of ways, simply through creation and the wonders of it as we look around it ourselves. He reveals himself to us in our relationships with other people who speak to us the things that they have learned about God. We are receiving this revelation from God on many different levels. Of course, for Christians, the most important is that in his holy Word, God has revealed himself to us. Plato talked about, you know, what's more important, to have a disciple or to leave a book behind? And his answer was it's more important to have a disciple, someone who has heard you and believes it fervently and is going to share it with the next generation. A book, somebody could kind of do anything with a book. But we have both. We don't have to make that choice that Plato was trying to make. We've got the disciples down through twenty centuries to us now, and we have the book that keeps us always grounded there. So, we look around at ourselves and we see God revealed to us, we know he exists, and then he tells us about himself through his disciples to this day and through his holy Word.

Answer by Dr. Jeffery Moore

Dr. Jeffery Moore served at Trinity Downtown Orlando as Senior Pastor from 2003 to 2014.