The Importance of Belief in the Supernatural

Why is belief in supernatural events so important for a proper understanding of the Bible?

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Belief in supernatural events is so important for a proper understanding of the Bible, because the Bible really is the story of a supernatural God's acts in history and his promises for the future, which anticipate his, you know, supernatural intervention in activities' involvement in this world for the future. That is the story, the essence of the Bible. And it calls us to trust in this continuous, supernatural presence of God and really to understand the everyday life of God's people and what it means to be human as inherently supernatural. So, if we don't believe in the supernatural, then the story of the Bible will be distant from us. We won't be able to enter into that story, enter into the world that the Bible describes, which is the real world that we all live in. So, we need to believe in the supernatural so that we can receive the teaching of the Scriptures and the story of the Scriptures as the story in which our own life's story finds its meaning and its purpose and so that we can genuinely trust in the promises of the gospel, which anticipate God's supernatural activity in the future, so we can live by faith, so that we can live in obedience to the gospel as the Scriptures call us to. That's why it's important for us to believe in the supernatural.

Answer by Rev. Dr. Michael Walker

Rev. Dr. Michael Walker is Theologian-in-residence at Highland Park Presbyterian Church in Dallas, TX.