Why is belief in supernatural events so important for a proper understanding of the Bible?

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It seems to me, as we come to the Bible, to properly understand it, we have to know the God of the Bible, and the God of the Bible is an omnipotent God who has all power. He's a God who can know and predict the future. And so, if we come to the Scripture declaring that we won't accept any miracles or anything supernatural, we really have come to a Scripture that would be less than the God who inspired it. And so God has those miracles within the Scripture to prove that he is God and that all human kind will ultimately be responsible to him. And so, when we come through Scripture and even get to the places of judgment, if we don't understand that God is the God who created everything and God is the God who can bring about his will when he chooses in this world, we really can't understand and appreciate the Scripture the way we need to. He is a God of miracles. It's a Scripture of miracles as well.

Answer by Dr. Stephen J. Bramer

Dr. Stephen Bramer is Professor and Department Chair of Bible Exposition at Dallas Theological Seminary