Kings as Shepherds

Why do the Scriptures sometimes refer to kings as shepherds?

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Well, at first it doesn't sound appropriate to talk about a king as a "shepherd" because a shepherd is so low on the social ladder, the king is at the top of that ladder. But when you explore it, and of course, those of us that are Christians are exploring that with this kind of prejudice or this background always there of King David who once was a shepherd. But the thing that finally comes through is that a shepherd really concerns himself with the welfare of his sheep. And when a king rules, not because he wants to enjoy being king but rules because he cares about people that are in his kingdom, then he's like a shepherd then and he's like God wants kings to be. Anyone in authority, whether they're called king, president, prime minister, whatever it is, if they are doing what they're doing because of the people that they serve, they're like a shepherd. Then they're like a real king, which makes them kind of like God who is the real, real king.

Answer by Dr. Jeffery Moore

Dr. Jeffery Moore served at Trinity Downtown Orlando as Senior Pastor from 2003 to 2014.