How should we understand the metaphor of divine kingship in Scripture?

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In the Scriptures, God speaks of himself as a king. That's a difficult thing, in the United States, and in other countries that don't have a king, to really grasp what that means. But with a little help, a little work with history, a little look around the rest of the world, we can see that a king is someone who has that final authority in a given place. Of course, in our case, God is king of the entire universe, he's king of our lives, he's the one who has the final authority everywhere. We recognize a king when he shares some of the things that are true of God. The metaphors with God always kind of work backwards so that, you know, real kingship is to the extent that someone reflects what God is really like.

Answer by Dr. Jeffery Moore

Dr. Jeffery Moore served at Trinity Downtown Orlando as Senior Pastor from 2003 to 2014.