What are some practical ways that churches can carry out the Great Commission?

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When a church decides to move forward with the Great Commission, it must first think of its location. In other words, it needs to be faithful with its neighbors nearby. Many churches have a building, a "temple," where they go and gather, but they pay no attention to the people living nearby. They don't pay attention to the schools, the parks, the streets, or the people that live nearby. It does not have to be poor people. It's people in need or people that can rejoice in hearing the gospel. So then, churches must take very seriously their physical presence around their local context, and if they are doing this, then they can also start thinking about how to take this message to other people.

But when they start doing this, they need to focus on effective communication with their target group. If they are using their own cultural language, their own ideas, others won't be able to understand what they are trying to communicate. This is why the essential way for any church to truly communicate the Great Commission, God's great message, is love. Love is the way to show others that the message being communicated is the true message.

Answer by Dr. Saul Cruz

Dr. Saul Cruz (1954-2014) was founder of Armonia in Mexico City