Why do the beatitudes call poor and suffering people blessed? (Spanish with English Subtitles)

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It's very interesting that the language Jesus uses address the poor has to do with blessings, the beatitudes of the kingdom. It's interesting that the context of Matthew 6 in Matthew 5, at the end of the chapter, Jesus is working with the poor; they come to him in large numbers. He's teaching them, he's healing them and he's also preaching the gospel of the kingdom. And in the middle of this a new chapter begins in which Jesus uses the language of poverty and says something so paradoxical. He says blessed are those who are poor in spirit, for they will receive the blessings of the kingdom, that the kingdom is theirs. And this is so interesting because in that moment, this concept of having nothing, of not having anything spiritually becomes a beatitude, a blessing to all the people.

Answer by Dr. Saul Cruz

Dr. Saul Cruz (1954-2014) was founder of Armonia in Mexico City