The Impact of the Gospel

What impact should the gospel have on our everyday lives? (Spanish with English subtitles)

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The gospel is God's message for all mankind, for every aspect of man, and for the world in which man lives. It's a message that reaches the physical parts of mankind, because God desires the health of mankind. It also reaches the intellectual part of mankind, because God desires mankind to understand his will perfectly and learn how to discern life correctly. And it reaches the relational parts of life because God expects that, through his Word, we should learn to have good relationships in life. And it is also something that has eternal implications because the message corrects the relationship between God and man. It teaches us the elements of sin and how we have committed it, and it provides Jesus Christ as the way by which, through repentance, we may accept his salvation. And we then begin to walk eternally with him. But the gospel is not simply pieces of this; it is all of it, integrally connected, the entire good news of God for everyone in society.

Answer by Dr. Saul Cruz

Dr. Saul Cruz (1954-2014) was founder of Armonia in Mexico City