How does Jesus' role as judge relate to his redemptive work?

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When Jesus came, he came to redeem the world. And he comes as a Savior; he comes as a servant; he comes as a preacher. One of the main ways he comes, though, is the judge of all. He's the Creator, he's the sustainer, and he's the one who is the way, the truth, and the life. And as the truth, he represents the truth of God, he represents the righteousness of God. And so, Jesus comes determining who is righteous and who isn't. To be righteous, we need to find the righteousness of Christ, and make it our own by faith. But Jesus will return again, and he'll come to judge the world, and every knee will bow, and every tongue will confess that Jesus is indeed Lord of all. And he comes, sorting out the sheep from the goats, the ones who find righteousness in him and the ones who suffer because of their unrighteousness. Jesus doesn't just come as a suffering servant; he comes as a ruling, reigning judge of the world. We all have to answer to him. When he comes again, the Bible says that every mouth will be stopped. And that's because Jesus comes as the judge of the world, and the one who not only judges the world, but who's able to justify sinners because of his righteousness.

Answer by Dr. K. Erik Thoennes

Dr. Erik Thoennes is Professor of Biblical and Theological Studies at Talbot School of Theology