Why do we need a Redeemer?

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When we think about redemption in the Scripture, what we look at are really the Old Testament context and the New Testament context. In the Old Testament, you had the "kinsman redeemer" who buys back an individual who usually is sold into slavery, and so the element of purchase is present. In the New Testament, we see the concept of a slave market, and Christ going into the slave market and purchasing a people for God through his shed blood. And so, to understand what redemption is, it's truly the buying back of an individual, through a purchase price that's paid. And so, the only way that humanity can receive that redemption is through someone paying that purchase price. And that's where the work of Christ comes in as the perfect man, and as God, he comes and provides a substitute, a sacrifice for our sins, giving us the ability to come to him by faith. And for the purchase price to be paid to the Father, speaking to God's justice, speaking to God's righteousness, and also very clearly demonstrating God's love, that his love sent his Son to purchase our sins.

Answer by Dr. Jeff Lowman

Dr. Jeff Lowman is Professor of Homiletics and Systematic Theology at Birmingham Theological Seminary and pastor at Evangel Presbyterian Church in Helena, Alabama