What are some of the effects of humanity's fall into sin?

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Well, there are a gamut of them, but the main thing is that the fellowship that we have with the Lord God himself has been broken, has been interrupted, because of the Fall. And when we think about the things that were lost, the innocence of man was deterred. Therefore, because of the lack of fellowship, or the broken fellowship, man was in a deprived way. He didn't have opportunity to enjoy the peace that God had initiated for us, thereby, his whole peace and happiness, the wholeness of man, was interrupted by that. And then, as a result of the Fall of man, humanity now, even now, were in a spiral moment as a result of that. But then, the encouraging moment that we have, that we always keep in mind, is that the first Adam did fall, but then there was a second Adam. His name is Jesus Christ, and as a result of him, he is the nucleus, he is the one that brings man and God together again. So even though the Fall was catastrophic, but thank God, because of Jesus Christ, his Son, then we have a remittance, and we can be reposed or restored.

Answer by Dr. Willie Wells

Dr. Willie Wells is a recognized as a renowned Lecturer and a Motivational Teacher. Dr. Wells is the Pastor of the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church of Fairfield, Alabama.