What is the furniture of the tabernacle? Where is it in the Old Testament?


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The furniture of the Tabernacle:

Ark of the Covenant

(Exod 25:10-22)

In the Ark, Israel kept a copy of the Ten Commandments, which summarized the whole covenant.

Bronze Laver

(Exod 30:17-21)

One had to be pure before entering the presence of God, so it was to the laver of bronze that priests would come for cleansing.

Altar of Burnt Offering

(Exod 27:18)

Animal sacrifices were offered on this altar (the blood of the sacrifice was sprinkled on the four horns of the altar) - located in the court in front of the tabernacle.

Gold Lampstand

(Exod 25:31-40)

The gold lampstand held seven lamps, flat bowls in which a wick lay with one end in the oil of the bowl and the lighted end hanging out.

Table of Showbread

(Exod 25:23-30)

Here the offerings were placed. The 12 loaves of bread represented the 12 tribes.

Altar of Incense

(Exod 30:1-10)

The altar of incense was a perfume of a sweet-smelling aroma.

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Answer by Dr. Joseph R. Nally, Jr.

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