United States in Scripture?


Where does the United States fit into the end time in scripture? Is there any obscure verse or passage that refers (e.g. via an eagle) to the existence of the United States in the end times (which I believe we are in currently)?


No, there are no references to the United States in Scripture, or even to modern current events, except insofar as the United States is included in such statements as "all nations." The references to specific and metaphorically represented nations in Old Testament prophecy refer to kingdoms and tribes which existed at the times the prophecies were given, save for those such as in Daniel which foretold coming earthly kingdoms (excluding for the moment the kingdom of God). But even those coming kingdoms came into existence long ago (e.g. the Roman Empire). It is true that teachers of Dispensational Premillennialism commonly find references to the United States in Scripture, but these interpretations are all based on poor understandings of the original contexts, purposes and meanings of the prophecies. For a detailed explanation of the proper way to approach prophecy, see Richard Pratt's audio lectures He Gave Us Prophets in the Audio Sermons & Lectures section of our site.

At Third Millennium we also believe that we are in the end times - we teach that the end times began with Christ's first coming, and that they will end at his return. In the Bible, phrases like "the latter days" and "the last day" refer to the restoration of the kingdom of God that was to take place when God redeemed his people and destroyed their enemies. But in the Old Testament, it was not foreseen that God would do this progressively. This is a major reason that the Jews rejected Christ: they expected him to do it all at once, but he didn't. Instead, he only began the work of redeeming his people, and he is continuing it now in heaven - but he won't finish it until he returns.

Answer by Ra McLaughlin

Ra McLaughlin is Vice President of Finance and Administration at Third Millennium Ministries.