Using 666


My question pertains to the number 666 as we encounter it in our human lifetime. Is there any Biblical stated consequences as to the use of the number 666? For example a street address, or a blank check, or a number on an inventory sheet. I believe it pertains strictly to the anti-christ and whether or not we accept that mark in the end times. Can you help me please?


In the context of Revelation 13:18, it is a symbolic number that is associated with the antichrist. Suggestions have been made regarding its referent, including Nero Caesar, whose name can be counted numerologically as 666, based on the Hebrew spelling. Other suggestions about the number's significance point out that, in the Bible, "7" is generally considered to signify completeness or divinity. By falling short of "7" in all its digits, "666" indicates that the antichrist is not the real Christ. Some have suggested that the final antichrist will also be identified with this number, but this is rather speculative. Probably, it was meant only to emphasize that the antichrist was not the real Christ, and to draw an association to Nero Caesar as the actual antichrist, as a potential antichrist, or as a type of antichrist.

The number 666 is not a bad number. We ought not to be superstitious, such as by avoiding its use in addresses, phone numbers, etc. With respect to the beast, the number was something to be calculated, and something that it took wisdom to discover; it was not obvious. Finding the number 666 in contexts such as those you have suggested does not take any calculation or wisdom. Also, note that John did not say that everything that can be associated with the number 666 is evil. Rather, he indicated that this number would help verify that the antichrist is the antichrist (see comments on Nero above). Many things that are not evil may also be associated with this number. Even the Bible uses 666 without negative insinuation or implication (e.g., 1 Kings 10:14 // 2 Chron. 9:13; Ezra 2:13).

Answer by Ra McLaughlin

Ra McLaughlin is Vice President of Finance and Administration at Third Millennium Ministries.