About the Third Millennium Curriculum

Third Millennium Ministries' curriculum is a work in progress that will be completed in three stages:

Stage 1 — Certificate (Completed)
A 27-credit 1-year curriculum suitable for a certificate in Christian ministry.
Stage 2 — M.A.C.M. (In Production; Some Courses Available)
A 27-credit addition to the certificate curriculum to form a 54-credit 2-year curriculum suitable for an M.A. in Christian ministry.
Stage 3 — M.Div. core
A 27-credit addition to the M.A. curriculum to provide the academic core of an M.Div. program. Seminaries may choose to add their own practicum and/or language courses to this core.

The projected curriculum is listed below. Courses (e.g., Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament) are grouped with similar courses with common objectives (e.g., Pauline Epistles). Courses that are currently available are linked to pages where they can be downloaded.

Certificate in Christian Ministry (27 credits)

M.A.C.M (Certificate + 27 additional credits)

M.Div. Core (M.A.C.M. + 27 additional credits)

  • Hermeneutics
    • He Gave Us Stories (1.5 credits)
    • He Gave Us Poetry (1.5 credits)
    • He Gave Us Letters (1 credit)
  • The Poetic Books
    • The Book of Psalms (1 credit)
    • Poetry and Wisdom (1 credit)
  • The Prophetic Books
    • The Major Prophets (2 credits)
    • The Minor Prophets (2 credits)
  • Pauline Epistles
    • Paul's Pastoral Epistles (1.5 credits)
  • Biblical Criticism
    • Survey of Higher Criticism (1 credit)
  • Intermediate Christian Doctrine
    • The Doctrine of Humanity (1 credit)
    • The Doctrine of Salvation (1 credit)
    • The Doctrine of the Church (1 credit)
    • The End Times (1 credit)
  • Church History
    • Survey of Philosophy and Christian Thought (1 credit)
    • History of the Reformation (2.5 credits)
    • Modern Church History (2 credits)
  • Apologetics
    • Every Thought Captive (2 credits)
  • Worship
    • Theology of Worship (1 credit)
  • Missions
    • Theology of Missions (1 credit)
  • Evangelism
    • Theology of Evangelism (1 credit)