The Gospel according to Matthew Q&A

  1. Why is it important to understand the historical setting in which Matthew and other gospels were written?
  2. How confident should we be that the apostle Matthew wrote the Gospel of Matthew?
  3. What can the structure and content of Matthew's gospel reveal about his purpose for writing?
  4. How did Matthew see Jesus as the fulfillment of Old Testament hopes?
  5. What does the Transfiguration teach us about Jesus' role as the Christ?
  6. What does the Lord's Supper signify in Matthew's gospel?
  7. How was Jesus a greater prophet than Moses?
  8. Why did Matthew generally use the term "kingdom of heaven" instead of the term "kingdom of God?"
  9. Why is it important for Christians to pursue the kingdom of heaven?
  10. How did Jesus' death atone for sin?
  11. Why is the resurrection of Jesus an indispensible part of the gospel message?
  12. When is Jesus coming back? And what should we be doing in the meantime?
  13. In the Sermon on the Mount, was Jesus contradicting the Old Testament?
  14. Was Jesus' emphasis on heartfelt obedience new, or was it already present in the Old Testament?
  15. Why did so many people that witnessed Jesus' miracles still reject him as Messiah or Christ?
  16. Why should the church be important to Christians?
  17. What practical encouragement can we draw from the fact that we're part of God's family?
  18. Why does suffering currently exist in the kingdom of heaven on earth?
  19. Why did Jesus call his followers to the difficult and dangerous task of evangelizing the entire world?
  20. What exactly is repentance, and what does it have to do with God's kingdom?