What Is Systematic Theology? Q&A

  1. Is Christian theology rooted in Scripture alone?
  2. Should we use general revelation in systematic theology?
  3. Why is logical coherence important?
  4. How can we focus on multiple themes in Scripture?
  5. Does systematic theology impose Aristotelian thinking onto the Bible?
  6. Does systematic theology incline us toward speculation?
  7. Why is a traditional emphasis important in systematic theology?
  8. Why do some Christians prefer modern thinking over traditional thinking?
  9. Are we held accountable to the past?
  10. What role does the Old Testament play in systematic theology?
  11. Should we do theology pastorally instead of systematically?
  12. Should we use systematic theology in preaching and pastoring?
  13. Does the focus of systematic theology differ from the focus of the Bible?
  14. What modern questions is systematic theology answering?
  15. What happens when culture influences systematic theology?
  16. Is it right to use systematic theology to discipline and teach the nations?
  17. How can we relate ancient cultural situations to modern situations?
  18. Are some modern cultures more similar than others to ancient culture?
  19. Do the differences between modern and ancient culture make the Bible irrelevant?
  20. How did the early church use Neo-Platonic language?
  21. Does modern theology emphasize the spiritual over the material?
  22. What is the difference between Neo-Platonism and Aristotelianism?
  23. Does traditional systematic theology overemphasize rationality?
  24. What is the role of the Holy Spirit in systematic theology?
  25. Do systematic theologians sometimes avoid the Holy Spirit's ministry?
  26. Should we focus on the past or present when we do theology?
  27. How can we guard our hearts when we interact with modern culture?