Introduction to the Gospels Q&A

  1. Why did the gospel writers think it was important to record these facts in such careful literary accounts?
  2. Are the Gospels only valuable because they contain facts about Jesus, or is it also important to consider their literary aspects?
  3. Why is it important to identify and consider the genre of the Gospels?
  4. Can we be certain that Jesus was a real, historical person?
  5. How does the Holy Spirit's inspiration impact the Gospel's historical reliability?
  6. How should Evangelicals respond to the charge that the Gospels are based on faulty oral traditions?
  7. Are the opinions of modern historians more reliable than the gospel accounts?
  8. Why should the failures and shortcomings of the disciples increase our confidence in the gospel accounts?
  9. How can extra-biblical accounts confirm the reliability of the Gospels?
  10. How can we discuss the historical reliability of the Gospels with skeptics and unbelievers?
  11. Why are the similarities and differences between the Synoptic Gospels considered problematic?
  12. What's the value in having multiple gospels that say essentially the same thing?
  13. Why is John's gospel so different from the Synoptic Gospels?
  14. Should the lack of rigorous chronology in the Gospels pose a problem for modern readers?
  15. Do the differences between the Gospels indicate that their authors disagreed with each other?
  16. What did the Jews in Jesus' day expect the Messiah to do, and how did Jesus compare to those expectations?
  17. Why did the gospel writers find it so remarkable that Peter specifically confessed Jesus to be the Christ?
  18. Why did the Messiah have to descend from David?
  19. How can we reconcile Jesus' kingship with his commitment to suffering and dying?
  20. Do the Gospels teach that Jesus is fully God?
  21. What was the central focus of the gospel that Jesus proclaimed?
  22. What are some ways that Jesus taught implicitly about the kingdom of God?
  23. How might we summarize Jesus' teaching about the kingdom of God?