God the Father Q&A

  1. Can Scripture teach us reliable truths about God, or is its human language insufficient for this task?
  2. Do our beliefs about God have any practical relevance for followers of Christ?
  3. Do all people have some beliefs about God that are so important that they influence nearly everything else they believe?
  4. Why are human beings prone to turn away from God?
  5. Do people of other religions actually worship the same God that Christians worship?
  6. What are some of the common ways the doctrine of the Trinity has been misunderstood?
  7. Does the Father's authority mean that he forces his will on the Son and the Holy Spirit?
  8. In what ways is God similar to and different from our earthly, human fathers?
  9. What are some practical applications that human fathers can draw from God's fatherhood?
  10. How can we encourage Christians that have had poor fathers to view God's fatherhood in a positive light?
  11. What kinds of implications does God's fatherhood have for pastoral ministry?
  12. How can we be sure that God's purposes for us will actually be fulfilled?
  13. How can an unchangeable God change his mind?
  14. What is the ultimate goal of humanity's redemption?
  15. What are the main Evangelical interpretations of the days of creation in Genesis chapter 1?
  16. How can people with the same basic commitments to the authority and infallibility of Scripture read Genesis chapter 1 in such different ways?
  17. What practical implications can we draw from the fact that the creation reflects God's goodness?
  18. How should Christians feel about the fact that God has ultimate authority over everything?