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The Truth About Images of Jesus

By: Justin Griffin

and the Second Commandment, Part 5

Volume 9, Number 20 (5/13/2007, to 5/19/2007)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Church and Sacraments

Historical Overview of Eschatological Thought

By: Jonathan Menn, J.D., M.Div.

A brief summary of Chapter 2 in the book entitled,—Biblical Eschatology (2nd ed., Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2018)—by Jonathan Menn

Volume 21, Number 26 (6/23/2019, to 6/29/2019)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: Biblical TheologyInterpretationGeneral Epistles and Revelation

Apologetics Syllabus Fall 2004

By: Dr. John M. Frame

Class Handout

Volume 6 (Fall 2004 Apologetics, to Fall 2004 Apologetics)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Hall of Frame

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Are all Protestants going to Hell (Catholic Dogma)?

The Roman Catholic Church says they are the only true church? They say "Outside the Church there is no salvation." So, are all Protestants going to Hell?

Topics: Biblical TheologyApologeticsReformation

Is Abortion Murder?

In one word - yes or no - please state whether or not abortion is murder.

Topics: EthicsChristian LivingApologetics

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