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Pointers for Elders and Deacons

By: Ordained Servant

An Article

Volume 15, Number 36 (9/1/2013, to 9/7/2013)

Format: Webpage

Topics: Church and SacramentsBiblical Theology

Mark: How Much Should I Give?

By: Dr. Derek Thomas

Mark 12:21-44

Volume 25, Number 10 (3/5/2023, to 3/11/2023)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: Gospels and ActsChristChristian Living

Doing by Faith

By: Colin Vanderploeg

James 2:14-26

Volume 19, Number 50 (12/10/2017, to 12/16/2017)

Format: Webpage

Topics: General Epistles and Revelation

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Blood and Organ Donations

Is it biblical to participate in blood drives and donate one's organs?

Topics: EthicsChristian Living

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