Justin Pillsbury

Assistant Pastor for Youth, Cahaba Park Church, Birmingham, Al. Justin grew up in Tyler, TX, and split his college years between TCU and Texas Tech. After college, he spent eight years as the Director of Student Ministry at First Presbyterian Church in Jackson, MS. He received his Masters of Divinity degree from Reformed Theological Seminary-Jackson.

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Dealing with the Man in the Mirror

By: Justin Pillsbury

Genesis 27

Volume 19, Number 20 (5/14/2017, to 5/20/2017)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: Pentateuch

Disposable Pleasures or a Meaningful Pursuit

By: Justin Pillsbury

Genesis 18:16-21, 19:15-38

Volume 19, Number 21 (5/21/2017, to 5/27/2017)

Formats: WebpageWordPDF

Topics: Pentateuch

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