Ministry Partnerships

Fulfilling the goal of Biblical Education. For the World. For Free. requires Christians to cooperate with each other. Thirdmill extends an open hand in every way possible with other evangelical organizations. If you are interested in learning more please fill out our Partnership Request Form. Our ministry partnerships are listed below.

List partners with names beginning with:

  • E. Stanley Jones College
    E. Stanley Jones College provides Christian education in Theology, Christian Studies, and counseling for students from all over India. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.
  • EdBrite
    EdBrite is a learning management system (LMS) sponsored by World Evangelical Theological Institute Association (WETIA). It is designed for users of all technology levels to easily get started with blended on-campus learning or full online education.
  • EduTech Mission
    EduTech Mission equips ministry leaders around the world by providing quality consulting, training, and resources and using various tools to nurture Gospel transformation and church growth.
  • Emanuel for Christian Books, Tapes and Gifts
    Emanuel for Christian Books, Tapes and Gifts is a book and gift store that distributes Thirdmill’s Arabic and other Christian materials.
  • Emoyeni Ministries - South Africa
    Emoyeni Ministries - South Africa works to restore sons and daughters to their God-given identity so they can transform their communities and revive South Africa. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum to train pastors and church leaders.
  • Equip Bible Academy
    Equip Bible Academy is a school in South Africa that uses Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.
  • Equipping Leaders International (ELI)
    Equipping Leaders International serves the neediest of Christian leaders who have had little formal training, resources, or prospect of attaining either. ELI provides and teaches Thirdmill curriculum to church leaders in developing world nations.
  • Equipping Pastors International (EPI)
    Equipping Pastors International teaches a biblical worldview to pastors and their wives in developing nations. Members of the EPI mission team travel regularly to share their resources, but continue to reside in the U.S., allowing third-world pastors to lead their own churches in evangelism and discipleship. EPI is instrumental in distributing Thirdmill’s curriculum to countries all over the world.
  • Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church
    Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church is one of the largest denominations in Ethiopia with over 5,000 congregations. They have officially embraced Thirdmill's Amharic curriculum to be used in their Bible Schools.
  • European Baptist Federation (Network of Russian-Speaking Churches)
    The network of Russian-speaking churches in the European Baptist Federation partners with Thirdmill by posting links on their website to Thirdmill’s Russian curriculum.
  • Evangelical Leadership Institute (ELI) Asia
    Evangelical Leadership Institute (ELI) Asia is a band of biblical, theological and ministerial educators whose mission is to provide quality teaching materials and practical training for pastors, elders and other church leaders right where they are so they don’t have to leave their respective places of ministry. They use Thirdmill's curriculum in some of their training.
  • Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine
    Evangelical Reformed Seminary of Ukraine runs both a seminary and an online Bible college in Kiev, Ukraine. Their seminary is the official seminary of two Ukrainian Reformed denominations. Both the seminary and online college use Thirdmill's Russian curriculum in some of their courses.
  • Evangelical Youth Ministry
    Evangelical Youth Ministry is part of the General Evangelical Council in Egypt. They use Thirdmill’s Arabic curriculum as part of a Bible study and discipleship program geared towards college students.
  • Evangelism Explosion International
    Evangelism Explosion International is a ministry that trains people how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. They use Thirdmill's curriculum in their Advanced Theological Studies (EEATS) program to train ministry leaders.