Ministry Partnerships

Fulfilling the goal of Biblical Education. For the World. For Free. requires Christians to cooperate with each other. Thirdmill extends an open hand in every way possible with other evangelical organizations. If you are interested in learning more please fill out our Partnership Request Form. Our ministry partnerships are listed below.

List partners with names beginning with:

  • Camino Global
    Camino Global offers a shared journey with Spanish speakers everywhere to transform communities, equip believers, and reach the world. Camino Global uses and actively distributes Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum.
  • Canal Peniel Camojá Guatemala
    Canal Peniel Camojá Guatemala is a Christian television station in Guatemala that airs lessons from Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum two times each week.
  • Caribbean Initiative
    The Caribbean Initiative seeks to strengthen the Evangelical Church in Cuba by providing pastors and church planters theological courses and biblical reference materials within a context of intentional mentoring relationships. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in some of their courses at their seminary, Los Pinos Nuevos.
  • Celebration College
    Celebration College, located in Zimbabwe, is a bible college under Celebration Ministries International that provides a two year part-time diploma program. They use Thirdmill's curriculum in both their taught courses and online program.
  • Central Asia Reform Biblical Seminary
    Central Asia Reform Biblical Seminary, associated with Miami International Theological Seminary (MINTS), equips pastors, Christian workers, church planters, and professors through granting theological degrees.
  • Centro Bíblico SOLAE
    Centro Biblico SOLAE is an online seminary that uses Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum to provide accessible biblical education to current and future leaders of the Costa Rican church.
  • China Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries (CARTS)
    China Association of Reformed Theological Seminaries is a group of reformed theological seminaries based in China that gather yearly to encourage and support each other. The various seminaries use Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum in some courses.
  • China Ministries International
    China Ministries International is dedicated to evangelizing Chinese people, church and culture through research, training, sending of missionaries, and publications. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in their Master of Divinity program.
  • China Partnership
    China Partnership exists to serve as a bridge between Western and Chinese churches. They coordinate many efforts in China, especially leadership training, which has led to increased distribution of Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum to thousands of church leaders.
  • Chinese Christianity Network TV (CCN-TV)
    Chinese Christianity Network TV (CCN-TV) provides Chinese Christian educational resources, sermons, music, news, and more. They currently webcast Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum through the internet free of charge.
  • Chinese House Churches and Seminaries
    Although house churches in China have grown from small meetings to large study centers and seminaries, they do not have enough qualified teachers at their main seminaries and have little curriculum for their satellite sites. Many house churches and seminaries in China use Thirdmill's Chinese curriculum to help train their leaders.
  • Christian Bridge International / Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation
    Christian Bridge International and the Spiritual Diplomacy Foundation are a Russian-American team of Christians who are working to facilitate American Christians' contacts with believers in the former Soviet Union. They have distributed Thirdmill's Russian curriculum to people in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • Christian Camping International
    Christian Camping International is a worldwide alliance of Christian camps that promotes and supports Christian camping throughout the world.
  • Christian Schools International
    Christian Schools International advances Christian education and supports schools in their task of teaching students to know God and his world and to glorify him through obedient service.
  • Christian University and Theological Seminary, Inc.
    Christian University and Theological Seminary, Inc. is a nonprofit religious organization that provides a complete education to Christian workers to fully equip them to become disciples. They use Thirdmill’s curriculum in some of their courses.
  • CITA-Edu, Inc.
    CITA-Edu, Inc. provides a complete on-line Master of Divinity curriculum for leaders and informal students. These courses are taught in a live class where they are recorded and offered free of charge through the internet in video, audio and manuscript formats. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum in their courses.
  • Comunión Anglicana Episcopal Ortodoxa
    Comunión Anglicana Episcopal Ortodoxa plans to start a seminary that will use Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum in some of their courses.
  • Confederación Mundial de Capellanes
    Confederación Mundial de Capellanes uses Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum to train and send church leaders in Argentina.
  • Cornhill Scotland
    Cornhill Scotland offers a Pastor’s Training Course that uses Thirdmill’s online classroom as well as other aspects of Thirdmill’s curriculum. This integrated course shapes Christian people to be servants of the word of Christ.
  • Covenant Evangelical Theological Seminary (CETS)
    Covenant Evangelical Theological Seminary is a non-denominational web-based Christian Theological education organization, associated with Miami International Theological Seminary (MINTS), that trains faithful and wise workers for the building up of a healthy church. They use Thirdmill’s Chinese curriculum in some of their courses.
  • Cru
    Thirdmill has collaborated with Cru on many projects, including our trip to Africa in 2012 to distribute 3,000 flash drives. In addition, the Cru International School of Leadership currently uses our series, Kingdom, Covenants & Canon of the Old Testament, for its Old Testament Survey class.