Ministry Partnerships

Fulfilling the goal of Biblical Education. For the World. For Free. requires Christians to cooperate with each other. Thirdmill extends an open hand in every way possible with other evangelical organizations. If you are interested in learning more please fill out our Partnership Request Form. Our ministry partnerships are listed below.

List partners with names beginning with:

  • American Anglican Council
    The American Anglican Council is a network of individuals, parishes, dioceses and ministries who affirm biblical authority and Christian orthodoxy within the Anglican Communion. By the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit, the mission of the American Anglican Council is to build up and defend Great Commission Anglican churches in North America and worldwide through advocacy and counsel, leadership development and equipping the local church.
  • AMONG Mongolia
    AMONG Mongolia seeks to share the Gospel with the people of Mongolia, translates and broadcasts Thirdmill’s curriculum on Eagle Television, and freely distributes Thirdmill's curriculum to countryside pastors. To view the Mongolian translations, click here.
  • Anglican Mission in America
    Anglican Mission in America is a conservative branch of the Anglican Church under the authority of the Archbishop of Rwanda. Thirdmill produced two lessons, The Theology of the Word and The Theology of Sacrament, for the Anglican Mission in America's Anglican Studies Program.
  • Argentine Bible Society
    The Argentine Bible Society, part of a global network of Bible Societies, seeks to promote the encounter of Christians with the Word of God, increase biblical interaction in the context of the churches, and contribute to the development of a worldview based on Scripture. They use Thirdmill’s Spanish curriculum as the basis for their Teleios project.
  • Asociación de Iglesias Bíblicas Costarricenses
    Asociación de Iglesias Bíblicas Costarricenses, in association with United World Mission, has a vision to grow the education of pastors in Costa Rica (80% have no formal training) and for them to train and disciple others in their churches to raise new leaders, missionaries, and pastors. They use Thirdmill's Spanish curriculum for their training purposes.