RPM, Volume 15, Number 51, December 15 to December 21, 2013

Four Poems

By Mark Nenadov

Bio: Mark Nenadov lives in Essex, Ontario, Canada with his lovely wife and their baby daughter. They attend Grace Baptist Church of Essex. Mark's poems have appeared in various publications in Canada, the U.S., Pakistan, and Ireland.

The Wrestler of Kettering

(In memory of Calvinistic Baptist theologian and pastor Andrew Fuller, who was a wrestler in his youth)

A cub grappled on the mat of his youth
became a pen-wrestler for the truth,
a lion in the pulpit, den, and desk
ready to roar for a faith he'd confess.

Cubs of Sozzini and Glas roared as well,
you may notice that,
but the truth they couldn't quell;
the Lord sent Fuller to the mat.

Disappearing Comfort

Sometimes comfort beguiles you
with its smiles
and it takes you by the hand
and leads you on in
tricking you into thinking
you can stand alone.

Sometimes comfort
grows wings
in your very time of
uprooting you like a
thrashing roughly about
with the
bruised reed.

Sometimes comfort's
may last
for a time
but, alas, before long
by the next trial
disappeared are it's lofty promises.

Accomplished and Applied

      And applied.
John Murray wrote
this gem
      in 1955.

Ends at page 192.
On the Atonement.
it goes through

Accomplished by Christ.
Applied in progression.
To the life of the redeemed.

Thank you, Eerdmans

for this great book
      of theology,
a must-read work
      of soteriology.

Creature-Creators and The Creator

(Inspired by Edith Schaeffer's book The Art Of Homemaking)

Man was created to create
creativity comes out at his fingertips;
the one who was formed
in the image of God,
images and imagines many things.

God, whose image
is reflected in man,
is a great Sculptor.
We, created in His image,
are inspire to become
producers of and responders to
the lovely, beautiful, and precious.

The difference between
mortal creator-creatures
and the Creator God
is that mere mortals
always create
from preexistant matter
with limited talent, energy, time, and choices.
And so, creaturely creators, do
live by the 34sweat of the brow34.

So different is
the Triune God
He can create ex-nihlo
out of nothing.
He is infinite and eternal,
and He is the only unlimited creator.

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