RPM, Volume 16, Number 3, January 12 to January 18, 2014

The Poor Man's Portions

"Seeking for Jesus." John 6:24.

By Robert Hawker

This, my soul, should be your constant employment, wherever you are, however engaged; in going in, or out; at rising up, or lying down; whether in public or private, in the church or market-place; the closet, the family, the garden, the field, the house: the question ever arising in the heart should be--where is Jesus? Blessed Spirit! you Glorifier of my Lord, will you constantly excite this seeking for Jesus in my heart? Will you, Lord, give me every moment a sense of need, then a view of his fulness, suitableness, readiness to impart; then bring Him, whom my soul loves, and me together; and then open a communication in leading me forth in desire, and giving me faith to receive from the infinite fulness of my Lord, and grace for grace?

Lord Jesus! I would desire grace to seek you, as for hidden treasure. I would seek you, and you only, O my God! I would separate myself from all other things. It is Jesus my soul chooses, my soul needs. I would trust in nothing beside. No duties, no works; neither prayers nor repentance; no, nor faith itself, considered as an act of my soul, shall be my comfort, but Jesus alone I would make my centre; and every thought, and every affection, and every desire, like so many streams meeting in one, should all pour themselves, as rivers, into the ocean of your bosom! And the nearer, as a stream that draws near the sea is propelled to fall into it, so the more forcible and vehement let my soul be in desires after you, as my soul draws nearer the hour of seeing you. Oh Lamb of God, cause me to be seeking after you through life, pressing after you from one ordinance to another; and when ordinances cease, and all outward comforts fail, then, Lord, may I gather up (as the dying patriarch did his feet in the bed) all my strength, and pour my whole soul into your arms, crying out, "I have waited for your salvation, O Lord?"

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