RPM, Volume 16, Number 10, March 2 to March 8, 2014

The Shadow of a Tree

By Kendall Lankford

Kendall Lankford is a graduate student at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in South Hamilton Massachusetts. He is married to his best friend Shannon and has four wonderful children, whose names are Zelan, Raelyn, Hailey, and Xander Lankford. Among many varied interests in theology and reformed studies, what Kendall enjoys the most is finding the signposts that point to Christ in all of the Scriptures. This poem is an expression of that love.
At the foot of a tree twas Adam felled
And all of the world that with him dwells
Enchanted, enslaved, by song and by spell,
The anthem of triumph twas playing from hell
Cursed! Fallen! Crushed and quelled!
Judgment had come at the knell of death's bell

Yet upon the horizon, as he was expelled,
As the song of the serpent incessantly swells,
In the distance the clanking of hammer and nail
Grew louder and louder each time that it fell.
Cursed! Fallen! Crushed and quelled!
For at the foot of His tree the cursed are made well!
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