RPM, Volume 17, Number 27, June 28 to July 4, 2015

The Medal of Honor:
Robert Maxwell's Story

By John McWilliams

Robert Maxwell grew up on a farm in Western Kansas. He had questions about going into the Army due to his Quaker background, but he went anyway. Then at about 2:00 A.M. on the morning of Sept. 7, 1944 in Southern France, a live German hand grenade landed right at his feet, and he had about 3 seconds to make a choice! The choice he made left him seriously wounded, but saved 3 of his fellow soldiers.

If Christ has taught us anything, it's that the Christian faith and life is about self-sacrifice. As The Good Shepherd, Christ spoke about laying down his life for the sheep and on Calvary, The Perfect Lamb did just that to save our souls.

Bob Maxwell has a compelling story of courage and faith to share and it's all just been captured on a 1 hour video interview which is now available online at Vimeo.com/125098415 for free.

You'll hear what it was like for Bob to grow up as a kid. Then, he'll tell you in his own words what happened when that grenade landed at his feet. Then he'll tell you about his faith and how he became a committed Christian and how for years he had missed The Gospel message.

This video is one that has been designed to be used in congregations and ministries nationwide as an evangelical and outreach tool. Various congregations will be using it in varying ways.

Here are a few ways you might consider using it in your congregation.

1. Have a showing to a large group of folks and ask them to then share it with other Christians and especially with their non-Christian friends and family.

2. Use it in small groups.

3. Post the link on your website in a "resource" or "evangelism" or "witnessing" section where people can easily find it and share it.

4. Put something about it in your bulletin or next newsletter to get the word out.

5. Make copies of it and hand it out at a special event honoring our military in your congregation or city.

This video is free to copy and share and we trust that is what you will do as you pray that God will use it to bring many to Him.

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