RPM, Volume 11, Number 50, December 13 to December 19 2009

There's Always a Cloud

By Jim Williams

Editor's Note: We all have thoughts — some good - some bad, but nonetheless they are thoughts. Our thoughts should be reflected upon and dealt with biblically (Rom. 12:1-3; Gal. 6:3; Phil. 3:12-17; Phil. 4:8-9; 2 Pet. 3:1, etc.). ‘Just Thinkin Out Loud' (spelling of ‘thinkin'' is purposeful) is a series of thoughts that are being made public. You may or may not agree with all of the thoughts you read in this series, but it will help all of us to discuss them — out loud. The hope of the author and editors at IIIM is that this will assist all of us to begin personal reflection upon our own thoughts and compare them with God's perspective in Holy Scripture. Readers are encouraged to use small discussion groups and/or our RPM forum for any irenic discussion(s) of these specific thoughts and others they may bring about.
When Moses and the nation of Israel finally got all their passports cleared, they got out of Egypt before Pharaoh could realize he had lost his captive labor force. After they cleared the Red Sea, they needed a navigation device to direct their way to the homeland. Their God, I Am, gave them a cloud by day and fire by night to follow. He knew just where they needed to go to get where He wanted them to be.

What was God calling Himself at the burning bush? I Am. Its like He was always there, which He was, and is. The present tense has a way of saying that He never was not, which is what He meant. The Children of Israel were to follow Someone who would always be looking out for them, thus I Am. The cloud was always there during the day to guide them to the land they were to claim. It was always His land, wherever it was, because He made it all, and owned it all. You get a deep sense of stewardship when you understand that.

I Am is still there, still here with us. He walks with us and gives us what we need, leading us in His direction for us, as we ask — and at times when we don't. The rockets that take off from Cape Kennedy in the US have computers that do that. We have I Am.

Wherever we walk, the cloud's always there. So I Am.

Tell me what you think, I'm just thinkin out loud!

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