RPM, Volume 11, Number 22, May 31 to June 6 2009

Don't Ski Into a Tree!

By Jim Williams

Editor's Note: We all have thoughts — some good - some bad, but nonetheless they are thoughts. Our thoughts should be reflected upon and dealt with biblically (Rom. 12:1-3; Gal. 6:3; Phil. 3:12-17; Phil. 4:8-9; 2 Pet. 3:1, etc.). ‘Just Thinkin Out Loud' (spelling of ‘thinkin'' is purposeful) is a series of thoughts that are being made public. You may or may not agree with all of the thoughts you read in this series, but it will help all of us to discuss them — out loud. The hope of the author and editors at IIIM is that this will assist all of us to begin personal reflection upon our own thoughts and compare them with God's perspective in Holy Scripture. Readers are encouraged to use small discussion groups and/or our RPM forum for any irenic discussion(s) of these specific thoughts and others they may bring about.
1998 was marked by two totally avoidable tragedies involving famous people: They both skied right into a tree!

They both were involved in a harmless fun activity, when some side pleasure distracted them. They paid no attention to their direction, had no ability to stop or turn away in time, and WHAM! Its over.

What is the direction in your life? Is it helpful, fun, and getting you where you want to go? Watch it! Don't ski into a tree! Don't let some side distraction take you somewhere you shouldn't go, and grab you so you can't turn away or stop before its too late. Don't ski into a tree!

There is a way that seems right unto a man, but in the end is the way of death! Is the goal in your life clear? Do you know where you are headed? Is it good for you? Then watch it, and stay on the path to it, and wait for it to run its course and yield its fruit. Do not turn aside for quicker pleasure. Get to the bottom of the mountain, claim Jeremiah 29:11 for your life. The best things are worth waiting for, but sometimes it takes waiting to get there.

Watch yourself, watch your life, don't ski into a tree!

Tell me what you think, I'm, just thinkin out loud!

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