Reformed Perspectives Magazine, Volume 9, Number 44, October 28 to November 3, 2007


(Number 2)

By Bobby Gawthrop

Hint: The Bible says that God gives me to His beloved.

What would the world look like without me?

A world without me?
Why, the very idea fills some with glee.
They say: "Oh my, yes, we'd be better you see,
there would be relaxation,
I'd take a vacation,
I could get more done,
I could have more fun,
I could make more money,
maybe even get rich,
why, a world without you,
it'd be a cinch."

But is that really true?
How good could it be?
Let's think it through,
This world without me.
Crime would increase,
Consumption would rise,
You'd need a tailored suit,
And a larger dress size.

Hint: I was with Adam before "The Fall".

Most people seek me when the moon shines bright,
yet some people seek me in the sunny daylight,
sometimes, people cannot find me at all,
for days at a time I don't visit or call.

Hint: I was with Lord Jesus in a boat on the sea.

I've often caught people after a hard day of play,
why, I've even caught some at times when they pray!

Some need me to stay longer than others,
but everyone needs me,
all boys and girls,
all fathers and mothers.

There are times when you would not trade me,
no matter how much you are paid,
why, I've been your companion one third of your days.

What am I?

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