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Our Lives Hidden With Christ

How should we respond to the redemption we've received in Christ?

Topics: Salvation Christ

Jesse and Ishmael

Islam claims that Jesse in Isaiah 11:1-2 is Ishmael. Is this true?

Topics: Prophets Christ Apologetics

Islam and LORD

Islam claims that since Jesus is the son of David he can't be the Son of God. Is this true?

Topics: Gospels and Acts Christ Apologetics

Medication and Depression

Should Christians use medication to treat depression?

Topics: Ethics

Kline on the Covenant of Works

Is Meredith Kline right about the covenant of works?

Topics: Biblical Theology

Why did God providentially take Ezekiel’s wife?

Why did God kill Ezekiel’s wife? That seems pretty evil?

Topics: Prophets Biblical Theology God

What is the meaning of God inhabiting the praises of his people in Psalm 22:3?

What is the meaning of God inhabiting the praises of his people in Psalm 22:3?

Topics: Modern Church God Biblical Theology

The Ambiguity of Translating "Chadash"

Some people translate Chadash as “new” and others translate it as “renewed”? I was wondering if you could help me out?

Topics: Biblical Theology Interpretation God

How should we respond to Pride Month?

LGBTQ is sin. So how are Christians supposed to respond to celebrating Pride Month (June of every year)?

Topics: Apologetics Christian Living Biblical Theology