What role did the Holy Spirit play during the creation week in Genesis 1?

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You know, any time we think about creation I think we need to think in Trinitarian categories, because when you examine the Bible there's clearly a role given to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. And you think in particular of Genesis 1 — "In the beginning God created" — but then the Scriptures very quickly note the Spirit was hovering over the waters, hovering over the material that would then be shaped and formed into the world in which we live. I often say it like this: I believe God can be viewed as the author of creation; the Son can be viewed as the architect of creation —Colossians 1 certainly emphasizes that; and then the Holy Spirit is the administrator. He's the one that actually gets involved in shaping and molding things. At least that seems to be what Genesis 1 is telling us. So, I think a healthy view of creation is going to involve all members of the triune God, seeing that each one of them has a particular assignment, with Genesis 1 making it clear it is the Spirit who's very much active in shaping and molding and bringing things together.

Answer by Dr. Danny Akin