Why does the Holy Spirit nurture and provide for the lives of sinners who will never come to faith?

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The Spirit of God is present and active in God's world. God has created human beings in his image and likeness, which gives them dignity, that God is the source of life, and life is good. And for reasons which are really beyond our ability to know and completely understand, that God is gracious to believers and to nonbelievers, to the elect, to the non-elect, and to the elect who are not yet the elect, and that he mediates goodness and grace and life to them. I am committed to the proposition that life is good and death is bad, and one of God's great gifts, even to nonbelievers, is to give them life and the experience of goodness in the world that God has created.

Answer by Dr. Glenn R. Kreider

Dr. Glenn Kreider is a Professor of Theological Studies at Dallas Theological Seminary.