The Promise in Joshua 1:5, I Will Be With You

What does Joshua 1:5 mean when God promises, "I will be with you?"

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In Joshua 1:5, God said to Joshua: "I will be with you." This is a great encouragement He didn't just face pressure from external circumstances, but from internal conflicts as well. He had doubts; "Can I really lead these people?" So, when God said to Joshua: "Just as I was with Moses, so I will be with you," God had already been showing Joshua how Moses had experienced God's being with him and how to lead the Israelites to run toward their goal. This gave [Joshua] the confidence to believe that he could continue leading. This message is a great encouragement to me as well. Every time I'm weak, external circumstances are stressful, or when I'm in conflict with those in ministry with me or with the congregation, I think on this Scripture and realize that God's will for his church is to head toward his mission. This is in his will. So, when I obey him, I will be full of strength. When I believe that God is with me, I can remove a lot of fear and discouragement from within me.

Answer by Rev. Bin Li