Reasons to Affirm Historical Premillennialism

What's the most compelling reason to affirm historic premillennialism?

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The reason that I am a historic premillennialist is that when I look at Scripture, I see two things in store in the long term. One is an absolutely perfect earth, an eternal rule of righteousness – Daniel 7 lays that out – that the saints of God will rule the earth. It's everlasting, it's forever – Revelation 21 and 22 – the new heavens and the new earth, the wiping away of the tears from every eye. But I also see the strange thing in Isaiah 65, Isaiah 60, Ezekiel 47, and other passages where you have an earth that's way better than it is now – the fallen earth under the curse – where you have prosperity and you have lamb and the wolf and, you know, the child that plays with the animal kingdom. But then you're told the child will – if you pass away at 100 you're dying early, and if this happens to you. But she's still got death. Well, how can things be way, way better than they are now and yet not be in that perfect state that is spoken of in other new earth passages. To me, the millennial kingdom allows room for that. And certainly it's not a position without its problems, but to me it solves some major problems in ways that other views don't.

Answer by Dr. Randy Alcorn

Dr. Randy Alcorn is the founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM), a nonprofit organization dedicated to teaching biblical truth and drawing attention to the needy and how to help them.