How did the Fall affect the created world?

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The Fall affected everything, including the created world. In Genesis 3, when we read about the Fall, we learn about what happens as a result of that. And so, God is communicating with Adam and Eve and saying, "You have sinned and therefore a lot of things are going to change." And the main thing is really the relationships. It's the relationship between God and man, between man and his wife (Adam and Eve), but here we're talking about the relationship between man and creation, and so he talks about the relationship between Adam and the earth is going to be significantly different. Adam's toil will be much more difficult as he cultivates the ground; as he tries to develop the earth there will be thorns, there will be thistles, there will be things which negatively influence his relationship with the earth as a result of sin. And so, fortunately, that's not the end of the story. We hear in Romans 8, actually, where Paul talks about the groaning of the earth in the same way that we groan towards that future hope that we have in Christ, where those things will no longer be true, where that relationship between the earth and Adam will be restored, where the things that are broken within the earth itself as a result of sin will be made right as well. And so, on the one hand, we read in Genesis 3 that there's brokenness, and yet we also read later on that that is what exists now but will not exist for all time because Christ is going to make that right.

Answer by Dr. Scott Manor