What is eschatology?

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Eschatology is the doctrine of the last things or the end times. And when we talk about eschatology, we're really talking about the end of time as we know it and have experienced it; the end of history as it has poured out over the millennia. Eschatology is also the doctrine of the purpose of things, or the direction in which things are headed. So when we talk about the end, we're not just talking about the period at the end of the sentence. We're talking about the purpose to which we are headed as people created in God's image. So eschatology is not just the end. It's also the beginning of new and eternal and risen life in the new heavens and the new earth. Scripture tells us a bit about what the new heavens and the new earth will look like and what our resurrected bodies will be like, but we're only really given a glimpse. So I think of eschatology as not just the doctrine of the end times or the last things, but the time at which we transition into creation as it was meant to be and into life in all its fullness.