What are the main ways we can come to know God?

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We come to know God in the ways that he has made us to know him. So, he creates us as beings who speak, and he speaks into our lives as a result. He's a God who communicates with his actions, we are creatures who are built and wired to understand actions, and so God's redemptive work, his work reaching into our lives to save is manifest in his actions towards us in Christ. So, he speaks and he acts because we are creatures in his image who speak and act. And so, the primary ways in which we come to know God fundamentally are the ways he has made us to know him, that is to say, with his words and his actions accordingly.

Answer by Dr. Richard Lints

Dr. Richard Lints is Professor of Theology at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary and serves as Vice President for Academic Affairs and dean at the GCTS Hamilton campus.