Why do the Scriptures call God our Father?

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One of the issues that has always remained in almost every religion is how do we address God? How do we know him? And different ways people have given in different religions. One of the beauties of Christian faith in the Bible is that Jesus extended his relationship with his heavenly Father, with God, to us when he called God "Father," because he was God's son. And then he passes on to us. He says, "Now, whenever you address God, you address him as your heavenly Father because God is adopting us as children." And the beauty of that relationship is that it describes a personal relationship and access to God. For example, if you read other religious books, oftentimes in Islam you'll find that the Qur'an has ninety-nine different names for God. But one name that's missing is Father. They can call him everything else, but they cannot call him Father. So, this was a title, this was a relationship that was extended by Jesus that we can call his Father as our Father.

Answer by Dr. Sukhwant H. Bhatia

Dr. Sukhwant Bhatia is Principal & Professor of Biblical Studies & Pastoral Theology at the North India Institute for Theological Studies.