What part does prayer play in biblical interpretation?

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Prayer is a vital part of the discipline of reading the Bible rightly and reading it well. If we think about the fact that we have access to the divine author, whose meaning we are really after when we read the Bible, then why would we not be in conversation with the author if we could possibly be? And, of course, we can, and that is prayer. There's another aspect to this, too. Prayer has been given to us by God as a kind of discipline to practice in our life that is helping us greatly to come into ever greater conformity with his Word, and with the likeness of Christ. And so, that also is a critical aspect for becoming a better reader of Scripture. Sin blinds us. Sin twists us. Sin defends itself against the Word of God. Sin does not want to feel the weight of the Word of God. Prayer is able to attack sin in certain ways, and to overcome this, and to bring us to repentance, and confession of sin, and so on. And this is a vital part of becoming an ever better reader of God's Word.

Answer by Dr. Bruce Baugus

Dr. Bruce Baugus is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Theology at Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson, Mississippi