How can we trust that the people who wrote the Bible produced accurate reports?


The Bible was written by people that God specially called and gifted for the task of writing Scripture, so they weren't relying simply on their own abilities, reasoning, or even motivation. Rather, the Holy Spirit inspired the men who wrote the Bible. Yes, he used their personalities and ideas. But he also sovereignly guided them so that their writings would be true, so that they would write exactly the ideas that God wanted them to write. If the Bible had not been inspired by God, then it certainly could have contained error. After all, people make mistakes. But through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, the Bible was also written by God. And God's participation in the writing of Scripture ensures us that the Bible is exactly as accurate as God wants it to be, and exactly as trustworthy as he himself is.

Does this mean that the Bible is necessarily as accurate as modern readers want it to be? No, not in all cases. The Bible was not intended to be a scientific journal or lab report. Again, its information is as accurate as God wants it to be, which is perfectly accurate enough to accomplish the purposes for which the Bible was written.

Answer by Ra McLaughlin

Ra McLaughlin is Vice President of Finance and Administration at Third Millennium Ministries.