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Thank you for inviting Third Millennium Ministries to speak at your gathering. Your invitation is an honor to the mission and ministry of Third Millennium.

We receive numerous speaking requests each year, and we do our best to accommodate all interested parties. Please complete the form below so that we can properly consider your request. We will respond to your request within the next 30 days.

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    (Please note: We do our best to purchase the lowest possible airfares, hotel, and car rental rates. Also, if another Third Millennium staff member accompanies the speaker, the sponsoring church/organization will not be responsible for expenses incurred by that individual.)

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We may request a call to improve our understanding of each other's goals for the event. If we accept your invitation, we may also request a call to figure out how we can help make the event a success for all parties. We request that the speaker have an opportunity during the event to present Third Millennium's mission directly to attendees and to the sponsoring church or organization's leadership. The meeting with leadership (or a missions committee) is (1) to share the vision and goals of Third Millennium Ministries, and (2) to identify opportunities for your organization to engage in a partnership with Third Millennium Ministries. Please include these presentations in your planning, and indicate on the schedule above when and where these presentations will take place. Our speaker may bring a display and offer resources to the attendees. If the messages are recorded, please provide us with a copy.

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